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ALEX by Aisha Evelyna

A Black woman is accused of shoplifting. Then it escalates out of control.

Directed and written by Aisha Evelyna, who also plays the role of Sydney, this thought-provoking short drama begins like a contemporary tale of two friends, enjoying a day of shopping and catching up with one another. Shot with a bright, clean airiness in its lighting and colors, the film carefully situates the two women in a gently upscale, Instagram-friendly retail environment that swathes its inhabitants in an elevated atmosphere where nothing bad could happen. - Omeleto

Levi's role as Sound Designer involved:

- Curation and placement of SFX

- Mixing assets for various platforms

- Edit Music accordingly

ALEX made its way to various film festivals this year including Austin Film Fest and Holly Shorts.


STARRING - Aisha Evelyna, Perrie Voss, Carly MacIsaac

CO PRODUCERS - Aisha Evelyna, J Stevens

WRITER & DIRECTOR - Aisha Evelyna

EDITOR - Perrie Voss

SOUND RECORDIST - Alexandra Huynh Do


COLOURIST - Aj McLauchlin


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