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His Quiet Mind

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

A musical short film about an overlooked demographic of society - what is it like living with mental illness?

His Quiet Mind is a musical short film about Alroy, a troubled 23-year-old at the edge of sanity after his best friend falls into a coma. Faced with his aggravating mental illness and identity crisis, he embarks on a journey of self-acceptance.

Levi was credited in the audio department as the boom operator and sound mixer. He was then brought on for their virtual reality adaptation of the film where he sound designed along with Alex Verni and Sierra Michelle.

The VR film follows Alroy once again as he learns that his friend suffered a serious car crash leaving him in a coma. This perspective was left out of the short film and allows the viewer to see how Alroy reacts after hearing the tragic news.

His Quiet Mind has been released with selected scenes, which is available for streaming below, and the virtual reality film can be seen here.


Directed by Agostino Leone

Written by Danielle Ashley James and Agostino Leone

Starring Carter Easler, Joey Belfiore, Caroline Palmer, and more

Visit District 6 Productions website for more information

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