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LE-VI - Let Me Know Baby (feat. Roddy Ricch & Brent Faiyaz)

Inspired by "War Baby" by Roddy Ricch and "Let Me Know" by Brent Faiyaz.

The melody and a section of the drums from "Let Me Know" by Brent Faiyaz was sampled and used as the basis for the track.

Inside The Lyrics: Brent Faiyaz - "Let Me Know"

"Who can I love when they tell me I can't love myself? How in the hell could I possibly love someone else?"

The floating piano in "War Baby" sat just right with the melody already established with the initial sample. Roddy Ricch and his powerful choir ensemble was comped with a woodwind section to bring the heat of the moment to a climax.

Inside The Lyrics: Roddy Ricch - "War Baby"

"I'm from the bottom of the bottom, check your sources, baby. I'm a war baby, but I can't divorce the paper. I'm a hood nigga that turned rich so I got Dior's latest. And you know I gotta stick to my roots, I still rock Jordans, baby..."


Produced, arranged, mixed & mastered by LE-VI

Artwork by Levi Linton

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