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The Strangers' Case

Ruth Goodwin makes her directorial debut as she brings a Shakespearian passage to life with a new perspective.

Over 400 years ago, the bubonic plague shut down theatres and public spaces across the globe. During this time, William Shakespeare penned "The Strangers' Case", an appeal for humanity that remains relevant today.

"And men like ravenous fishes would feed on one another. Oh desperate as you are, wash your foul minds with tears. And those same hands that you like rebels lift up against the peace... lift up for peace!"

- Amaka Umeh

With an unbelievable performance from the talented Amaka Umeh and the direction of Ruth Goodwin, this passage is brought into a new perspective amidst the recent global pandemic in an abandoned theatre.

In a lovely full circle moment "The Strangers' Case" screened in Goodwin's mother's home town for Clones Film Festival in Ireland on October 24th.

Levi joined the 6min short fiction/experimental film as the Post Production Sound Design and Mixer. The role involved dialogue, sound effects, and music editing as well as mixing for broadcast.

"The Strangers' Case" is now streaming on CBC Gem!


Produced by Good Eve Productions

Director - Ruth Goodwin

Producer(s) - Aisha Evelyna, Ruth Goodwin, J Stevens

Composer - Mackenzie Longpre

Video Editor - Perrie Voss

Steadicam Operator - Brad Hruboska S.O.C.

Set Decorator - Avalon McLean-Smits

Choreographer - Amaka Umeh

1st Assistant Camera - Garima Sood

Key Grip - Keaton TF Evans

Sound Recordist - Elias Fuentes

Data Management Technician - Daniel Elbirt

Stills Photographer - Nikki Dicunto

Production Assistants - Michael Ayres, Annelise Hawrylak, John Fast

Post Production Sound Design & Mix - Levi Linton

Colourist - Patrick Samaniego

Colour Assistant - Jonah Venneri

Colour Producer - Jane Garrah


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