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All-Round Champion: Season 5

A new set of fierce contenders are presented for the fifth season of the hit show!

For the first time in All-Round Champion history, Season 5 will feature a cast fully composed of Para-Athletes – competitors with physical disabilities. However, they won’t be competing in their own sports; they’ll be competing in each others’ to see how proficient they can become in a new sport in a short period of time. To reach this goal, they must excel beyond their own expectations. They must learn new skills, persevere, and overcome their own physical and mental limits and most importantly, adapt their abilities to the sport and the sports’ equipment. The athlete with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the All-Round Champion!

Levi's role as Sound Mixer involved:

- Setting up recording, mixing, and monitoring equipment

- Operating boom, Sound Devices 833, and Wisycom Wireless Systems

- Coordinating with the camera and grip department to ensure maximum efficiency

Watch the rest of the season here.


Produced by marblemedia

Sound Supervisor - John Diemer

Lead Audio Operator - Scott Brachmayer

Audio Operator - Levi Linton

Audio Operator - Dane Kelly

Audio Operator - Rosie Eberhard

Audio Assistant - Bronwen Spolsky

Audio Production Assistant - Baba Aguntoye


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