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GoDaddy - Elevator Pitch

The clock is ticking for your chance to win!

Episode 1 - Chelsee Pettit (Aaniin Retail Inc) 3 small businesses. 24 seconds on the clock. $10k on the line! Love her pitch? Vote now in the Raptors app to win Raptors tickets and GoDaddy services! Contestant #1 Chelsee Pettit, owner of Aaniin Retail Inc. An online platform and in-store retailer that features Indigenous designers, artists, and brands. Her goal is to create economic prosperity for Indigenous-owned businesses. Beyond a domain provider, GoDaddy has the tools to help grow your business online.

Levi's role as Sound Editor involved:

- Cleanup of recorded dialogue

- Curation and placement of SFX

- Mixing assets for various platforms

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SOUND EDITOR - Levi Linton

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