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How I Got Here - Season 2

A new season has arrived with a new set of families taking their loved ones to discover their roots.

Know where you come from; know who you are. In this fast-paced travel show, young adults accompany immigrant parents back to their country of origin on a 10-day trip of a lifetime. While enjoying stunning views and local cuisine, these parent-child duos will relive the sacrifice, struggle, and dramatic circumstances that led their families to where they are.

Levi worked on the Romania episode and encountered many exciting audio recording opportunities. These included setting up wireless microphones to record a Cessna 172 RG's communication network, a live string quartet and four piece band, as well as a recording setup for a backseat ride in a car.

Levi's role as Sound Mixer involved:

- Operating Sound Devices 833, Boom, and Wisycom Wireless Systems

- Work closely with Story Producer and Camera Operator to coordinate shots and identify key moments

- Think on-the-fly and really work cohesively as a team to capture every moment in the family's journey.

Watch here on BYUtv or check out their Youtube channel.


Produced by Forté Entertainment

Sound Mixer - Levi Linton


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