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LE-VI - Monster (feat. Daniel Caesar & Kanye West)

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

New remix out now inspired by 21 Savage, Daniel Caesar and Kanye West!

The sample used for the basis of the song's melody is the piano in "Monster" by 21 Savage. Daniel Caesar's vocals from "A Capella" were then layered on top of the chord progression. LE-VI drew on the intensity and power in Caesar's performance.

Inside The Lyrics: Daniel Caesar - "A Capella"

"When I look. When I look. When I look upon its face. Enlighten up, my friends."

Vocals from "Monster" by Kanye West was used to compliment the aggressiveness of the instrumental and Caesar's delivery. To finish the song the listener is left with a lion's roar to bring home the meaning of the remix with a monstrous animal that is recognized by most.

Inside The Lyrics: Kanye West - "Monster"

"Everybody knows (I'm a motherfucking monster). Profit profit, nigga I got it. Everybody know I'm a motherfucking monster."


Produced, arranged and engineered by LE-VI

Artwork by Levi Linton

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