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LE-VI - The Butterfly Effect (feat. Solange & Kehlani)

Inspired by Solange and Kehlani, LE-VI remixed two of their latest works to create a funky soulful track that will have you conquering the dance floor.

First, LE-VI sampled "Time (is)" by Solange and started building a melody from the piano in the composition.

Inside The Lyrics: Solange - "Time (is)"

"Give your all, you would say to me. Only way to know your heart"

Second, "Butterfly" by Kehlani was sampled and the chorus from the song was primarily used as the base for this track. The two songs worked magically together; LE-VI used layers of Solange's vocals on top of Kehlani to perform a soothing polyphonic masterpiece.

Inside The Lyrics: Kehlani - "Butterfly"

"Butterfly, yeah, yeah... you make me feel brand new. Oh, I feel it comin' (oh you make me feel)"


Produced, arranged, mixed & mastered by LE-VI

Artwork by Levi Linton

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