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NUBLUU - Ammunition

Updated: May 29, 2020

Available now on all streaming services! Produced, mastered and co-written by LE-VI.

LE-VI came up with the melody one night, it had him all in his feelings and compelled him to write a hook/chorus. "Ammunition" came as a metaphor to LE-VI for the loving aura that was coming off a divine feminine presence while expressing how he felt for that person. This is one for the playlist if you know what I mean...

Inside the Lyrics

"She hit me with that ammunition... blow, blow. I’m pinned up against the wall. Fiending to reach in my drawers and take the night away. Californiacate. It’s perfect."


Written by NUBLUU

Produced, mastered and co-written by LE-VI

Engineered by Anthony Jordan

Photography by LVRN

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