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VISIBLE: Soundtrack Series

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

The Second Wave Studios team have been creating engaging social content in anticipation for their TV pilot premiere.

In the VISIBLE Soundtrack Series, we sit down with the artists featured on the soundtrack to learn more about their creative process while working with LE-VI. Featured artists include Estyr, King Cairo, NUBLUU, and Ro Joaquim. Each artist gives the viewer an origin story to their artistry and why they have such an innate passion for music and VISIBLE. The interviews were featured on VISIBLE's instagram every friday for 4 weeks leading up to the soundtrack release day.

Second Wave Studios Soundtrack Series boosted our audience engagement by 20% once the first interview was published and it's only increased from their since our music release. LE-VI shot and recorded audio for the interviews while in a state-of-the-art studio facility at Ryerson University, with help from both Carri Chen and Amreen Kullar.


Interviews conducted by Levi Linton

Interviews edited by Amreen Kullar

Cover artwork by Carol Liu

Animation by LEVIcreates

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