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Voice Lessons Podcast

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Voice Lessons is a podcast about creativity, visibility and the way women lead.

Author, producer and entrepreneur Kim Kuhteubl talks to these unexpected founders about creativity, visibility and the way that they lead offering her unapologetically feminine take on doing business.

Lyra Satyanarayana and her family packed up their belongings and headed to a new life, virtually overnight. Why? Intuition. In this episode, you’ll be taken along Lyra’s journey from leaving her multi-million dollar real estate business by connecting with her spirituality to realize the bigger vision for her life.

Beverly Jenkins never planned to be an Author. Growing up during the Civil Rights Movement, her mother passed along a love of books and history and she decided to become a librarian. In this episode, she talks about the journey from first-time author to becoming the primer writer of historical Black fiction in the United States with 49 books in an industry that rejected her. Beverly also shares intimate moments of her past, her process, and why she’s rooting for women writers to get off the sidelines and just "publish your damn book”.

Levi's role as Assistant Sound Editor involved:

- Removing unwanted interruption in conversational dialogue (i.e. "um's, you know's, right's, etc)

- Dialogue cleanup using EQ, noise suppression, compression, and more

- Coordinating with Lead Editor and Digital Story Coordinator during revisions


Produced by Mebydesign for Voice Lessons Podcast

Host & Founder - Kim Kuhteubl

Digital Story Coordinator - Jessica Minalga

Sound Editor - Sergio Miranda

Assistant Sound Editor - Levi Linton

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