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Dan Mangan: The Least Cool Thing

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Is Dan Mangan teasing a new album?

Dan Mangan presents: The Least Cool Thing. Though, it seems Mangan is cool enough to feature high-profile interviews with Rainn Wilson, Scott Aukerman, Lauren Lapkus, Mike Castle, and Kristen Slenning in this playful teaser for Mangan's upcoming project.

"I understand that he's had seven children of his own and adopted seven more as part of this commune that he's been involved in... some would call it a cult" - Rainn Wilson

Levi was tasked with being The Farmhouse Creative Lab's Sound Editor for this 8min short documentary. The role involved dialogue, sound effects, and music editing as well as mixing for broadcast.


Directed by Brent Hodge

Produced by Dan Mangan

Written by Kate Anderson

Edited by Jasleen Kaur & Brent Hodge

Music by Dan Mangan

Sound Editing by John Diemer & Levi Linton

In collaboration with Hodgee Films, A&C, The Farmhouse Creative Labs

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