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Take Care

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

An incubator created by VICE Media and the Telus Fund for docuseries that inspire mental wellbeing.

Take Care will provide financing and support to filmmakers to produce docuseries about the mental health of young people. The goal is to find Canadians who can help tell real stories about mental health, beyond buzzwords, focusing on how it intersects with technology, relationships and money.

VICE went behind-the-scenes on each of the selected docuseries' sets to capture some inspiring filmmakers.

Bad at This

First up, Bad at This, a docuseries about people who suck at things and do them anyway. In this behind-the-scenes look, we join the crew on the ice as they follow Isabel Putz-Preyra, a hockey player who sees the sport as a positive outlet for her mental health, no matter her skill. Plus, producer Sonya Suraci shares how her experiences rock climbing inspired the series.

Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground is a docuseries about the mental health journey of four young Asian-Canadians. In this behind-the-scenes look, VICE joins the Breaking Ground team on set as they capture the colourful and energetic burlesque performance of Ty Sloane, an Anishinaabe and Chinese adoptee from rural Alberta. Plus, we hear how the co-director’s personal experience as a child of Vietnamese immigrants inspired this series.

Levi's role as Sound Mixer involved:

- Wiring up specific crew and talent for on-the-fly interviews and vox pops

- Coordinating scenes in the moment with Director while surveying set

- Operating Sound Devices 833, Boom Microphone, and Wisycom Wireless Systems

You can check out the full Take Care project here.


Director - Jessica Ford

Camera Operator - Jesse McCracken

Sound Mixer - Levi Linton

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