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Estyr - Slow Drip

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Available now on all streaming services! Produced, mastered and co-written by LE-VI.

Earlier performed last year at Kaili Kinnon's farewell concert on January 16th at The Drake Hotel, 'Slow Drip' has been officially released to streaming platforms! With the help from Martín Añón on guitar, Brandon Davis on bass accompanied by Estyr's vocals, this bossa nova groove really came together nicely as LE-VI's first produced and engineered track of the new year.

Inside the Lyrics

"Exactly what you run from you end up chasing. Running out of time but the clock keeps pacing. I'm really tryna wait but my heart keeps racing."

Add this to your library and hear the full track by clicking the link.


Written by Estyr

Produced, mastered and co-written by LE-VI

Guitar Tracking by Martín Añón

Bass Arrangement and performance by & Brandon Davis

Engineered by Levi Linton

Artwork by Michelle Ngo

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