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PWHL - Untitled Docu-series

2023–24 is the first season of operation for the Professional Women's Hockey League.

Levi has been one of the key Sound Operators covering Toronto's PWHL team throughout their inaugural season with Hodgee Films. More details on the project will come later.

Levi's role as Sound Mixer involved:

- Operating Sound Devices 833, Boom, and Wisycom Wireless Systems

- Place and setup hidden bench microphones as well as wiring coaches and players

- Work closely with Story Producer and Camera Operator to coordinate shots and identify key moments

- Think on-the-fly and really work cohesively as a team to capture every moment in the team's season.

Catch the game highlights from the season here.


Produced by Hodgee Films

Field Director / Camera Operator - Brent Hodge

Field Director - Kelsey Krasnigor

Camera Operator - Andrew Ventura

Camera Operator - Mitch Barnes

Sound Mixer - Levi Linton

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