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Behind the Scenes of Ruby & The Well

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Content Citizen goes behind the scenes of an upcoming fantasy show!

12-year-old Ruby O’Reilly and her father Daniel think their problems are over when they inherit Apple Hill, an apple orchard in a place called Emerald. When they arrive, they are dismayed to discover that Apple Hill and Emerald have both long since dried up. The situation seems hopeless until Ruby discovers an enchanted but abandoned wishing well on their property and becomes the well’s new “keeper”.

CONTENT CITIZEN brought an E.P.K. crew onto the set of "I Wish I Got The Credit I Deserve" to capture some promotional content from behind-the-scenes of Ruby & The Well.

Levi's role as Sound Mixer involved:

- Operating Sound Devices 833 and Boom

- Work closely with main audio crew to capture additional audio feeds

- Setup and record interviews on-the-fly in studio

Check out more about the show here



Director/Producer - Chris Marshall

Line Producer - Dayna Sayer

Camera Operators - Dave Goodman & Glendon Davis

Sound Mixer - Levi Linton

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