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The Space Between

Delta Epsilon Productions pushed the transmedia storytelling boundary with their groundbreaking project.

The Space Between is an interactive story experience consisting of a short film and an augmented reality experience within five installation spaces.


Aster, an unfulfilled young woman was forced by her Asian immigrant parents to follow a mundane career path. Her true desires lie in game design and she rediscovers her passion when she receives a gift from her long lost best friend, River. The gift is a video game — Dionysia. Aster must relive past memories and reimagine her own path.

Levi was tasked with composing 2 original music compositions for the short film, two unique soundscapes for select installation spaces, and sound design for the extended trailer.


Written and directed by Carri Chen and Chara Ho

Starring Linda Qian Cong, Gillian Clare, and more

Composed Levi Linton and Jaimie Pangan

For more details visit the Delta Epsilon Productions website


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