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LE-VI - VISIBLE: The Album

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

VISIBLE: The Album is available now on all streaming services!

VISIBLE: The Album is the official soundtrack to "VISIBLE", an upcoming TV pilot episode focused around second-gen Toronto teens Sharon, Lee, and Mo as they navigate Grade 12 and their paths after. LE-VI and Second Wave Studios have been working on this project for over a year now and this is just the first piece of VISIBLE's story.

Our featured artists include Estyr, King Cairo, NUBLUU, Ro Joaquim, and LE-VI. All based in Toronto and representing the city with their passion for music.

Estyr, an indie alt-folk and neo-soul singer-songwriter, brings her lush vocals and lyrical storytelling to "Mad Woman". The song is closely linked to one of the most important scenes of VISIBLE centered around the character, Sharon, and her push for social and institutional change. Estyr has formed a very deep connection with the song over time and has made her a stronger artist in mind and spirit.

King Cairo, a hip-hop performer with a knack for freestyling, murdered every bar on the heaviest hitting tracks on the soundtrack, "Airplane Mode" and "Face Tats". King Cairo has been rapping for more than four years and has performed at numerous house parties. "Airplane Mode" places the listener right at the centre of the function and "Face Tat" in the trenches.

NUBLUU, a soulful R&B singer-songwriter and music producer, will have you sweating after hearing the alluringly sensual "Ammunition". NUBLUU's debut single, "Trip", was LE-VI's first collaboration with the artist and it's only gotten more voluptuous from there. "Ammunition" is featured in the pilot during a romantic date, but between who... you'll have to wait.

Ro Joaquim, a hip-hop performer, singer-songwriter, and poet shines in the darkness with his performance on "Got My Reasons". Ro Joaquim is very poetic in his lyrics and soft spoken in his feels for emotions brought out on this track. LE-VI also performed background vocals during both chorus'.

LE-VI, a music producer and R&B singer-songwriter, makes his singing debut on "Fouronesix" with a tribute to city that birthed his creativity, Toronto. LE-VI's lyrical flow weaves in and out of the composition similar to TTC vehicles swerving around downtown traffic from Warden to Spadina.

Keep a lookout for VISIBLE's pilot premiere coming soon, but while you wait, add the soundtrack to your library by clicking here.


Produced, arranged, mixed, and mastered by LE-VI

Cover artwork by Carol Liu

Animation by Levi Linton

Music performed by Estyr, LE-VI, King Cairo, NUBLUU, and Ro Joaquim

Produced by LEVIcreates and Second Wave Studios

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